Advancing Birth Justice

The Birth Law Group is a highly specialized legal practice. We serve a distinct niche, supporting and promoting the civil and human rights of pregnant, birthing, and lactating individuals.

Our work encompasses a range of practice areas that touch upon the rights associated with pregnancy, birth, and lactation. From administrative law and nonprofit compliance to tort litigation and business formation, we focus on those areas of law that directly and indirectly influence perinatal experiences.

We represent families, individual birthworkers, and nonprofit organizations. Most often we work behind the scenes to equip frontline community leaders, but sometimes we step into the limelight to pursue impact litigation or important policy agendas.

Grounded in an intersectional, human rights perspective and the philosophy of movement lawyering, we recognize that the work to dismantle systemic reproductive oppression must be a collective effort led by the folks most directly impacted by injustice and inequity. At the same time, we know that legal knowledge and expertise can be implemented in powerful ways to combat structural discrimination and ameliorate suffering.

We can help you if you are a pregnant or lactating person worried about or experiencing the violation of your rights. We can help you if you are a midwife, doula, or lactation consultant seeking to minimize risk and maximize capacity. And if you are working in the community otherwise to advance birth justice yourself, we can help you identify the legal frameworks that govern your endeavor.